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    英语作文预测:我的朋友Friends can be classmate, can be meet by chance, also can be to forget... Since the childhood, we all have friends, but there is always a best friend.My best friend is a little rabbit. Rabbit this name is very suitable for her, she is thin, wearing a pair of glasses, on her always find innocent and lovely.In sports class, she can be fast! She ran like the wind, to pull a lot, you always don't know what she was thinking.In class, she always listening, always not distracted; Next class, she will be very happy to play with us; Generous, but singing, there is always a little shy; After school, her laughter echoed in the quiet of the path.One day after school, I and he is in a secluded road, see a cute kitten is "meow meow" cried, and its fur is white, the ear is pink short beard, it's like an emerald eyes glowing aura. Little rabbit slowly moves the line of sight, "ah!" Little rabbit exclaimed, "it's a calf injury, we take it home to bind up once!" Little rabbit say that finish, with poor looked at it, and looked at me with pleading eyes, for fear that I don't promise to her. "Ok." I agreed. She was glad to picked it up and gently stroked it a few times, said: "let's go." We quickly returned home.Back home, we see it wound cleaning, and for gauze bandaging the wound, to feed it a little bit of biscuit, drank some water, we really like about it for a patient.Later, the kitten's injury is good, already can walk, it was glad to shake the tail, naughty blunt we call incessantly, seem to express our rescue of it. We also often go to see it, take care of it, the three of us became good friends.I would also like to thank the kittens, if not it, friendship between rabbit and I wouldn't like gem denim! Often kelly

    朋友可以是同学,可以是萍水相逢的人,也可以是忘年交……从小到大,我们都有朋友,但总有一个最好的朋友。我最好的朋友是小兔。 小兔这个名称很适合她,她比较瘦,戴着一副眼镜,在她的身上总能找到天真可爱的气息。上体育课时,她跑得可快啦!她跑起来像一阵风,鬼点子很多,你总不知道她在想什么。上课时,她会认真听讲,总不分神;下课时,她也会很高兴地和我们玩耍;很大方,但唱歌时,总是有一点羞涩;放学时,她的欢声笑语回荡在僻静的.小路上。有一天放学后,我和他走在僻静的小路上,看见了一只可爱的小猫正“喵喵喵喵”地叫着,它的毛是雪白的,耳朵是粉红色的短短的胡须,它那绿宝石一样的眼睛里泛着灵气。小兔慢慢地移动了视线,“呀!”小兔惊叫一声,“它的小腿受伤了,我们把它带回家去包扎一下吧!”小兔说完,用可怜的目光看着它,又用恳求的目光看着我,生怕我不答应她似地。“好吧。”我答应了。她高兴地把它抱起来,轻轻地抚摸了它几下,说:“我们走吧。”我们飞快地回到了家里。回到家后,我们把它的伤口清洗了一下,又找来纱布把伤口包扎了一下,给它喂了一点饼干,喝了一点水,我们对它可真像对一个病人呀。后来,小猫的伤好了,已经可以走路了,它高兴地摇摇尾巴,淘气的冲我们叫个不停,似乎在表达我们对它的救助之恩。我们也经常一起去看望它,照顾它,我们三个成了好朋友。我还要感谢这只小猫呢,如果不是它,我和小兔之间的



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